Friday, April 22, 2011

Mug Madness

Now that March Madness is over - let the "mug madness" begin. Recently, I wrote a guest post on another blog about my mug collection. I started thinking about how much I love mugs. I have been on a "mug diet" for a while since I had been cautioned not to bring another mug into the house. :)

Some people always want to steal your joy. However, I shall not be contained. I decided that I would not deprive myself of the occasional "mug treat." So, I ordered this oversized mug from Caribou Coffee. It's perfect for lattes, a large cup of tea or even soup. Plus, it's got this cute slogan inside which reads "Love What You Brew, Brew What You Love." Inspiration with my morning coffee.

So, raise your mug to Friday and a rockin' weekend!

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