Sunday, April 10, 2011

Will A Misto "Make-A-Me" Fancy?

As I stood at the counter at Starbucks waiting to place my order, a young woman with perfectly coiffed hair, manicured nails, designer shoes and purse ordered a "Misto."

Okay, to be perfectly honest I didn't even know what she was talking about. I've said many times that I'm not a coffee expert. I'm just a "coffee lover." I tend to drink coffee with a packet of raw sugar and a splash of low-fat milk (or Coffee-Mate - yes Coffee-Mate) or cream from time to time.

I started thinking how uninteresting I must appear to the baristas. Every day, same thing, tall bold. BORING.

Thanks to Google, I found out:

Misto = A drink consisting of half coffee, half steamed milk and a bit of foam. It can be made decaf, nonfat, etc. "Misto" is the Starbucks name, cafe au lait is a more generic term.

Tomorrow morning it's a Misto for me because I want to be "fancy" too. :)

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