Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Latte Art - NOT

Let me start out by saying I do not consider myself to be a difficult customer. However, I do like to have a little fun. Is it too much to ask for the barista to "try" and see if they can create a design in the foam? I mean if you have four baristas in a store at 3 o'clock in the afternoon (and very few customers), would it kill one of them to at least try their hand at foam art?

But, noooo, not at this Starbucks. Three people looked at me like I was insane, one guy said 'oh, yeah, I used to know a guy who did that but he doesn't work here any longer.' And the one who made my drink simply shook her head 'no.' Not as in, 'No, I can't do it,' but 'no' as in 'Oh, NO, you didn't ask me for that??"

They didn't even try to squirt a little caramel on there.

So, as not to leave with total egg on my face, I sprinkled a little nutmeg on top.

We'll just have to use our imaginations with this one.

It's times like this when I can really appreciate Yelp.


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  1. I would send this pix to Starbucks headquarters in Seattle, WA and let their "powers to be" figure out some way to make sure part of each training session includes "sex appeal of the beverage". That stuff looks nasty. I would also drop a hint that in some parts of the country - especially in "high rent districts", looks count. On the other hand, as long as, Starbucks keeps "churning out" stuff that looks like this, the independent coffee houses will continue to thrive - and that's a good thing.