Sunday, December 2, 2012


Made an unscheduled stop at Crema Coffee in San Jose this past week.

I was in San Jose, not even thinking about coffee, okay, I'm always thinking about coffee.  However, I wasn't thinking I would find a new roaster in San Jose.

You could say I stumbled upon this place.  My daughter had told me that there was a cute little coffee shop in San Jose that I needed to check out.  She was right.  It's cute and I'm so glad I checked it out.

Friendly service, great atmosphere, good coffee!  I purchased a half pound of Sumatra (I wanted a dark roast) and am enjoying a cup right now.  I also had a cup of coffee there which was also good.  I forgot to ask which brew they were pouring.

The shop itself looks like it may have been converted from a house at one point in time.  Lovely Spanish style.  Plenty of comfortable seats, nice pastries and juices.  They serve tea, of course, as well as coffee and they roast on the premises!

It's close to the university so there are lots of people with laptops and books.  Nice ambience.  The kind of place where "everybody knows your name."

I definitely plan to go back the next time I'm in San Jose.

Their website is under construction, but you can check them out on Facebook.

Crema Coffee Roasting Company
950 The Alameda, San Jose, CA  (408) 295-5690

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