Saturday, December 8, 2012

Profile: Terra Bean Coffee: "Bringing the Global Coffee Community Closer Together"

Recently, I was contacted Tamara Goldschmidt of Terra Bean Coffee.  She wanted to let me know about her company and its mission.

According to Goldschmidt, "Terra Bean Coffee was formed to bring the global coffee community closer together and enable local coffee businesses to support each other on a global scale by creating mutually beneficial, sustainable business relationships. 
TBC aims to spread the "seed to cup" philosophy amongst consumers, raising awareness about the origins of coffee and the farmers who produce the world's most popular beverage through our delivery coffee subscription. We partner with roasters who directly source their coffee and feature a different roaster and farmer each month. 
Simultaneously, TBC is developing a platform to facilitate direct relationships between coffee roasters and coffee farmers to help other coffee roasters put that philosophy into practice."

I received the bag of La Colmena beans in the mail last week.  It's Terra Bean's "December Coffee."  Its origins are a farm in Los Alpes, El Salvador.

The first thing I noticed is how large the beans were. 

I also noticed how light they were.  As you may know, I'm a dark-bean girl, but I'm working on my "bean bias" and expanding my mind and palette to give lighter and medium roasts equal attention.

The first time I brewed a pot, I used too much coffee and it was bitter.  The second time I brewed a pot, I used less coffee and the result was much better.  I tend to be a "visual coffee maker," and rely on my own judgment in measurement which sometimes is not so good.

The third time was the charm.  "La Colmena" is a nice cup of coffee.  The beans I received were super fresh and the finish was smooth.  I am comfortable in recommending this coffee and would like to try other Terra Bean blends.

To learn more about Terra Bean's mission and product, visit the website below.

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