Friday, December 21, 2012

Cafe Solano by Peet's Coffee

The good thing about cold weather is that a cup of hot coffee always sounds good.

The other day, I "blew" into Peet's Coffee to get out of elements.  

I walked to the counter and said, "I came in here to get a break from the cold, but since I'm here, how about a bag of beans to take home."  

The shop didn't have any "Garuda" in stock.  Then I noticed a bin with the words "Cafe Solano."

Now, I know about Solano Avenue and the Peet's Cafe there.  In fact, Solano is one of my favorite haunts.  

Not sure how this "medium-roast" got past me, but you can't keep a secret from a coffee lover for long. We're bound to discover it.

I'm enjoying a cup this morning and boy is it good.  It's a lot less powerful than most of the blends Peet's offer and that's all good.  

Café Solano medium roast coffee is named after our beloved café established in 1990 on Solano Avenue in Berkeley, California. It’s a place where our regulars come for their morning ritual of coffee and conversation.
Our “Peetniks” expect the world from us, and with those high standards in mind, we created a world blend. We married vibrant and aromatic beans from Africa, the Americas and the Indo-Pacific in a medium roast for a lively yet perfectly rounded cup with floral notes and a subtle fruit essence.*

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