Monday, December 31, 2012

Peter James - Sounds Like A Fancy Clothier, But It's Actually A Fancy Roaster

Still enjoying my Christmas loot.

Top of the pile, two pounds of Peter James Coffee.

Who knew Peter James had been in San Leandro, California roasting coffee since 1980?  Not me.

But luckily for me, Santa knew.  And he told his elves.  And one of Santa's nicest elves, the one who really knows good coffee, surprised me with a bag of Kenya AA and a bag of French Reserve.

Who says the holiday has to end?

As long as there's good coffee and good company, I say we take it into the New Year (at least).

Peter James Coffee Limited
1964 Republic Avenue
San Leandro, California  94577

Tel: +1–800–545–0551 

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