Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cheese With a Heart - Goes Great With Coffee!

Cupid drew back his bow and hit me right on my palette with free cheese from  Coach Farm Cheese  this Valentine's Day.

I entered a poetry contest sponsored by Coach Farm and Culture Cheese Magazine and scored big.  Bet you didn't know your girl was a poet, did you?

Anyway, not only did I win a "heart" shaped block of delicious goat cheese, the nice folks at Coach Farm threw in a thermal sack and a tee-shirt.  Now that's what I call "Valentine Love."

I went to a dinner party last Sunday and brought the appetizer.

I topped this creamy goat cheese with fig jam, surrounded it with crisp, buttery crackers and voila!  Instant hit.

The Oscars are coming up this weekend and what better way to show your good taste in cheese than with Coach Cheese?  

And, for all the latest cheese-related news, it's Culture Cheese Magazine.

Show 'em your good taste.

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