Saturday, February 16, 2013

Who's Afraid of a Coffee? Maybe, Me

Have you ever been afraid to try something?  Like maybe you've never had escargot or some people don't like sushi.  Castor oil is certainly nobody's favorite.  

There are things, foods, etc. that you're just afraid you can't handle.  

That's sort of how I felt about the Rob Zombie French Roast Coffee.

Last Fall, I reviewed the Peru Organic by Rob Zombie and it was very good.  

I was a little timid about drinking it at first, because, well because, the picture on the bag is somewhat intimidating.  But, heck, it was Halloween and I figured I'd go for it.

But, I've held onto the French Roast for all this time because, as we all know, French Roast, is that dark roast cousin that doesn't mess around.  It comes hard or it doesn't come at all.

However, this week, I knew the work-week would be rough and I wanted something to get me over the "hump."  

So, on Wednesday morning, I brewed up a pot of the Rob Zombie French Roast.  Not only did it NOT turn me into a zombie (at least I don't think it did), it's actually very decent coffee.

It's not a coffee I could drink every day because I'm just not as tough as I used to be.  But, one thing is for sure, it's definitely helped me overcome my "fear of the packaging."

It's not just for zombies.  It's for coffee lovers too.

Go hard or go home.

Rob Zombie Fair Trade Coffees are available online at:

"Our deepest and darkest roasted coffee. This 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified™ French Roast offering has a surprising characteristic that you'll notice when you purchase whole beans - a hint of speckle. This is because we artistically blend our French Roast with a moderate percentage of different roasts, producing a complex taste profile that no other French-style coffee has in existence. Savor the deepness."

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