Sunday, October 20, 2013

Coffee or Tea? Java Tea (R) Co - "The Activist"

When I first heard about this tea that's really coffee - or is it coffee that's really tea, my first thought was, "what a novel idea."

When Java Tea (R) Co sent me samples to try, I thought, "this is actually tea."  

When I brewed it, I realized, "I get it.  It's tea that gives you the rush of coffee."  Or, in the case of the first one I reviewed, it's tea that gives you the rush of coffee on steroids!

Caution - if you don't want a caffeine high, you don't want "The Activist."  But, if you're one of those people who loves a good rush, with a very unique flavor, you'll love it.

I sampled it in my office and the results were mixed.  

For some people, it was a little too much caffeine.   For others, the majority who tried it, and who like something different and exciting, their responses were, "it's sweet, but it's not," "it's soooo good," and "do you mind if I have another cup?"  Everyone loved the little blue sparkles.

Bottom line.  Quality product, good flavor and texture and geared toward "hipsters."  Hey, that's not a bad thing.  Hipsters are taking over the world!

(I brewed "The Activist" using a one cup tea maker.  Java Tea(R) Co recommends the moka pot for the best result.)

From Java Tea(R) Co:

"The Activist"

"Radical in every way. An Espresso style tea with an extreme boost of caffeine. For those unwilling to stay still. Do something."

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