Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Palais Des Thés Pour Le Bureau Selection (That's French for "For the Office")

Enjoying a delicious cup of tea at home tonight.  Even though this collection is designed "pour le bureau." 

I'm drinking "Thé Du Hammam."

Fragrant, floral, fruity and complex but doesn’t knock you over the head.  

No hidden agenda.

Simply superb tea!

Perfect for the office - or anywhere!

Palais Des Thés

Renowned French tea brand Palais des Thés introduces four new box sets, to accompany you throughout the entire day -- a sure-to-be-appreciated gift idea for family and friends, bosses and colleagues, teachers and neighbors, for the party hostess or holiday grab bag, the tea lover or tea novice! Or just treat yourself to a moment of relaxation:
For The Morning, try Palais des Thés’ brightly colored orange box of black teas, green teas and scented teas, ideal to rediscover the pleasure of a delicious breakfast, and to enjoy a moment for yourself before the day’s schedule takes over.
For The Brunch, the bright yellow box – like the sun on a beautiful morning – features a refreshing and diverse selection of black and green teas to perfectly complement any brunch style: festive or casual, Eastern or English, savory or sweet.
For The Office, pour yourself a cup from the sky blue box when you need to focus, shut out the hustle and bustle around you, or replenish after a long meeting. Composed of black Single Estate and flavored green teas, this box is a welcome addition on your desk, alongside your computer and favorite mug!
For The Evening, the South African rooibos caffeine-free selection from Palais des Thés is the answer to forget the stress of the day and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Packaged in a deep purple box and flavored with herbs and fragrant ingredients, it offers a palette of flavors that will induce the sweetest of dreams.
Each box contains six teas in the form of 48 handmade cotton tea bags, individually packaged in biodegradable sachets (eight bags of each tea). The box opens book-style and includes descriptions of each tea inside (96g-3.4oz box, $38).
The range is available online at (for shipping to U.S. and Canada) and in both of the brand’s New York City boutiques: Upper West Side (194 Columbus Avenue) and SoHo (156 Prince Street). 

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