Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Government Has Shut Down - Time to Rethink My Coffee Choices

As you know, I love good coffee.  In fact, I prefer coffee to shoes.  What can I say?  I'm hopelessly addicted.

But a visit to a new coffee shop yesterday made me stop and think about how much I'm willing to pay for a cup of coffee these days.

My co-worker said, "Hey, there's a new coffee shop that just opened up across the street and it's the bomb!"  Of course, I said, "Cool.  Let's check it out."

It is your typical "hipster" place.  Airy with lots of space, no seats and nobody over the age of 25 behind the counter.

My friend let me taste her "Havana Latte" and it was delicious.  And, at 4.50, that's probably about the going rate.  

However, I really wanted to try this "hand-poured" regular coffee with lavender, but I thought about all the furloughed workers across the country and just couldn't justify 4.50 for a cup of drip coffee.

So, I came back to the office and went downstairs for a 1.65 cup.  That's a compromise, right?

Honestly speaking, once this mess gets cleared up in DC, I might have to try that lavender stuff.  But for now, I'm just going to brew up a big pot of coffee at home and bring it in my thermos.

(And has anyone tried the new dark-roast Folger's lately?  It's pretty darn good!)

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