Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jeremiah's Pick - Private Reserve

I have no idea why I kept passing over the Jeremiah's Pick in my specialty grocer.  For years.  I'd seen it on the shelf, but never thought of trying or reviewing it.

Maybe because I have preconceived and ill-informed notions of what grocery store coffee should be.  I know there are many micro-roasters that now offer their gourmet coffees in upscale supermarkets.  I just happen to be a person who expects to find and purchase gourmet coffees in coffee shops and at farmer's markets.  You know what they say about people with pre-conceived notions - they miss a lot.

Happy I didn't miss Jeremiah's Pick though.

I happened to spy their van in San Francisco last week and all of a sudden thought, "Why haven't you tried Jeremiah's?"  

I love the name.  I love that it's local.

So, thank you to the wonderful coffee peeps at Jeremiah's for hooking me up.

The first blend I sampled was the "Private Reserve."  Now, it's billed as a "dark roast."  But it doesn't taste like a dark roast to me.

It tastes like a medium roast with FULL body.  The taste, well, the taste I can't really articulate, except to tell you, it's SO good.  It tastes "fancy."  Goes down smooth, not a hint of acid and no after-taste.

I'm sure it would pair well with many different pastries, fruit or cheese, but I just drank it 'solo.'

So good, I've had it three days in a row.

First, second and third times were all charms.

Highly recommended.

Jeremiah's Pick Coffee Co.
1495 Evans Avenue
San Francisco, CA  94124


Certified Kosher by Vaad Hakashrus of Northern California

Disclosure:  (*Jeremiah's Pick provided me with free samples of the "Private Reserve" for the purposes of preparing this review.  I'm happy to say that it did not hinder my enjoyment one bit!)

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  1. I love Jeremiah's Pick Coffee. I'm a light roast fan so I like the Kona Blend, and the Mocha Java. The finish is smooth.
    Nice quality coffee experience for me. Affordable for the quality too.