Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Check Out My Handle - Isn't It Cool?

Chantal - I love saying that name Chantal. . .it sounds so sophisticated and grownup.

Chantal - Chantal - Chantal

Well, I've had a Chantal Classic Tea Kettle for years. . .in fact, I'm on my second one. I love the way it whistles - that harmonica whistle always startles my guests and they say, "what is that??" And then I get to say, "Oh, that's just the tea kettle!"

Only thing is that the handle gets hot. Now, Chantal provides this cute little "handle mitt" with the kettle, but I'm always worried that my absent-minded teenager - okay, and her absent-minded mom will forget to use the mitt and end up with toasty fingers.

So, I contacted Chantal Corporation and said, "Hey, don't you have a kettle with handles that don't get hot."

Guess what UPS brought me last week?

A brand new, brushed stainless steel Chantal Loop Kettle! Not only does it look really slick sitting on my stove, but the handles stay cool. And even though I still use a mitt, if I happen to forget, I won't get scorched - ouch!

I'll never give up my Chantal Classic Kettle, but I love my new "Loop" for those frantic mornings when I'm making coffee for me in my Chemex and tea for my daughter.

Check out the "Loop Kettle" and all the other super cool kitchen items from:

And remember - whistle while you work :)

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  1. Really cool (no pun intended) - I've been shopping around for a new tea kettle.