Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goes With Coffee. . .

Okay, so I recently decided to "expand" my blog to include other edibles that go well with coffee. And what goes better with coffee than chocolate?

I used to work with a guy who was from the Midwest. And while he loved California, he really missed his favorite chocolates - Wilbur Buds (TM). So, his mom used to send him cases of semi-sweet Wilbur buds which he kept in the cutest "Dilbert"TM candy jar and generously shared with his co-workers.

So, guess what the mailman brought me today? My "goodie bag" from the Wilbur Candy Company.

I had almost forgotten just how good this chocolate tastes. . .my sample pack included, Wilbur Buds (both milk and semi-sweet), a semi-sweet chocolate bar and the most amazing chocolate marshmallows I've ever tasted! When we were kids, my sister's favorite candy bar was "Rocky Road." (TM)

Well, these marshmallows are like Rocky Road on steroids!!

I swear before I could even sit down to write this review, I had eaten all the marshmallows (with the help of my dear daughter). The marshmallows are hand-made in their candy store in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

I don't think that my opinion could actually do this chocolate justice. I suggest that you visit their website and discover for yourself just what really good chocolate Wilbur makes.

I have a material connection to Wilbur® chocolate because I received a complimentary sample of a product for consideration in preparing to write this content.

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