Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Artisan Roasted Coffee from Orleans Coffee Exchange

Way down yonder in New Orleans, lives some of the finest coffee from El Salvador roasted by coffee artisans who really know their beans.

Years ago, way before gourmet coffee was all the rage, I used to order this wonderful coffee from New Orleans. My favorite blend at that time was the "Cafe Reveille." Hurricane Katrina came through wiped out the plant and office in New Orleans. But you can't keep a good coffee roaster down. They soon rebuilt in Kenner, Louisiana and continue to do what they've done best since 1983, roast and ship great coffee beans.

I checked on them to see how things were going and to reminisce about the good old days and "Cafe Reveille."

Well, "Roastmeister Bob" informed me that "Cafe Reveille" was so last decade! Bob said that while he still roasts a fine batch of Cafe Reveille, that he is also blending and roasting a bunch of other newer coffees which are also great.

He said, "I'll send you something that you're going to love." And he was right. This El Salvador Finca El Porvenir is a medium-roast, slightly sweet and smooth, smooth, smooth.

I made a pot for the troops and it didn't last fifteen minutes!

El Salvador Finca El Porvenir

"Luscious fruity character, tangerine in particular.
Bright and crisp with an apricot aroma."

Check out Orleans Coffee Exchange's full line of artisan roasted coffees at:


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