Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Defense of Coffee Consumption

The results of a new study on coffee have been released. According to the latest study which refutes the findings of the previous study which refutes the previous-previous study's results which turned the study before that on its head and the beat goes on.

Seems that the Department of Experimental Psychology at Bristol University, led by Peter Rogers, determined that "we don't gain an advantage from caffeine."

Okay, how about I say that I do get an advantage from drinking coffee because guess what? I enjoy drinking it.

Dr. Rogers goes on to say:

"Someone who consumes caffeine regularly when they're at work but not at weekends runs the risk of feeling a bit rubbish by Sunday," Rogers told The Guardian. "It's better to stick with it or keep off it altogether."

Well, that's one bit of advice I'll take from the good doctor. I'll stick with my caffeine habit.

How can you study the effects of waking up to the aroma of coffee wafting through the kitchen? How do you measure the happiness that comes when you pair that cup of coffee with a nice warm scone or a slice of hot buttered toast?

Life is short. Drink more coffee.

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