Monday, December 6, 2010

Do You Believe In Magic?

You will, after using the Capresso H20 Pro Cordless Water Kettle. This kettle is not just another pretty face. It's functional, efficient, easy to use, safe and will change your life. Honestly. It has changed mine. It's forced me to "dial back the caffeine." Instead of having one more cup of coffee at night, I tend to opt for a caffeine-free cup of tea instead.

Remarkably convenient. Just fill it up with water. Place it on the element. Press the button. By the time you decide which cup to use, which flavor of tea or coffee (perfect for pour over methods), the water is ready! It's fast and reliable.

If you want to make magic for someone this holiday season, this is the ticket.

The Capresso H20 Pro Programmable Cordless Water Kettle with Variable Temperature Control. Available at select retailers or online at:

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