Sunday, December 12, 2010

There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays! Bigelow Holiday Teas

I recently learned that Bigelow has a collection of holiday teas. Who knew? They were kind enough to send me this wonderful assortment to sample and here we go:

Ginger Snappish: Caffeine free taste like - well, it's like a gingersnap in a cup with a hint of lemon. I had a cup after dinner last night. Perfection for digestion.

Pumpkin Spice: My daughter likes this one. She loves pumpkin. (I'm more of a sweet-potato gal). Anyway, she said it's like "pumpkin pie." (Contains Caffeine)

Apple Cider: Caffeine free. Simply delicious. Cinnamon-ney and smells amazing!

And. . .drum roll. . .my personal favorite,

Eggnogg'n: This one really surprised me because I don't like eggnog! But the combination of black and green tea gives you a wonderful lift and the cinnamon notes balance out the flavor. Really doesn't taste like eggnog at all to me. This will be my new mid-morning "snack."

20 tea bags per box. Each bag is individually wrapped. This four pack gift set is available online at:*

*Retail price $12.95

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