Monday, December 27, 2010

My Favorite Coffee Christmas Gifts

I hope everyone had a good holiday - whichever holiday it is that you celebrate. I had a great time with family and friends. Tons of food and laughter, and of course, coffee.

I thought I would share my two favorite coffee gifts with you this year.

The first one I opened was from my niece who came home from Miami for Christmas. She is such a "crafty" devil. She made me this uber-cute wall hanging which reads "Dorothy, The Queen of Coffee." The detail is amazing, right down to the coffee cup stamps that she used for the background. I just have to find the perfect spot to hang it for maximum exposure! Love it.

The next coffee gift came from my nephew and niece-in-law (that's a word, right?) which is a Bodum Santos Vacuum Stovetop Coffee Maker. Now, chemistry was never my best subject so I'll admit I'm a little intimidated by it. However, with a little help from "youtube" I should be able to figure it out. Can't wait to let you know how it works, so stayed tuned for a review.

I've also enjoyed some amazing coffees this holiday season which I'm still savoring. I'm working on a review of a Jamaica Blue Mountain that is a vacation in a cup. More about that later.

So, bye for now and here's to good coffee!

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