Monday, February 21, 2011

Review of Bodum Stovetop Brewing System

The Bodum Santos (TM) Stovetop Brewing System is indeed a show stopper for its presence in the kitchen and brewing method. Creatively styled and brewed through a patented filter developed in the 1950s, the Santos produces coffee to a fine, tasteful, and still aromatic product with nearly no sediment. As I started the unpacking and assembly of the system, I was somewhat intimidated by the beauty and what appeared to be fragility of the glass work for brewing coffee. But things went together seamlessly and presented a classic orbed figure needing only water and coffee to complete the process.

I fired up the Bodum Santos with a calm medium flame and "watched the pot boil" It proverbially did not boil until I turned away to prepare a cooling base to which to transfer the Santos (a watched pot never boils). When I turned back around to continue monitoring the process, the water had uplifted to the coffee, creating an intense mixture and was working its way back down to deposit itself, sediment free into the serving container below.

It requires patience but the end result is worth it. Perfect for entertaining the coffee gourmand.

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