Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's In Your Wallet?

I think I've mentioned a time or two - or maybe you just guessed - I'm a "collector." Some of my collections include mugs, flamingos, aprons and Starbucks cards.

That's right, the ones that most people purchase or receive as gifts, use, reload and eventually toss. Not me. Not only do I keep every single card I purchase, I try to purchase every new card that comes out. And friends give me their old ones (but don't worry, I only keep them if it's one I don't already have).

This photo represents a mere fraction of the cards I've collected over the years. I was afraid if I posted them all, you guys would think I'm some sort of a nut and stop reading my blog. Well, maybe you think I'm a nut anyway. But, please, don't stop reading my blog.

Anyway, some of them have very special meaning and are dear to my heart. Take the "Greece" one for example. Heck, I've never been to Greece and don't even remember where I picked up the card. But, I can tell you this, if I ever lost it, I would truly be crushed. The one I use most is the "San Francisco" card. That's because I keep reloading it to get rewards. Sort of like "Blue Chip Stamps."

You might think my card collection borders on "hoarder," but, puleez, you can never have too many Starbucks cards. Even if they have a zero balance!

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  1. What a spectacular "collection"! This could hardly be called "hoarding"! I put this collection in the category of "One of things that bring me a bit of 'happy'"! They are so beautiful, you can almost smell them perking!