Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Means It's Time To Pull Out All The Holiday Coffee Gear!

As you know, I don't need a holiday to celebrate my love of coffee.

However, I think it most appropriate to designate "Black Friday" as the day that I dig out all of my Christmas-themed coffee accoutrements (e.g. Coffee Cup Snow Globes).

I'm proud of all the different things I've collected over the years, and even though this little globe has faded and the water has "yellowed" a bit, it's still one of the coolest holiday products (in my opinion) that Starbucks has released over the years.  With the exception of my holiday village, which may or may not be missing a couple of lamp posts.

Be that as it may, with Christmas less than a month away, it's now or never for the decorating.

So while everyone else is in the stores shopping for toys and electronics, you can find me in the coffee shops, looking for ornaments, mugs and other coffee (and tea) related items on sale.

Because if there's anything I love more than coffee-related items, it's coffee related items discounted before the holiday.

Christmastime comes but once a year!

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