Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Is The New Thanksgiving - First Up - Starbucks Christmas Blend 2013

I really wanted to wait at least until after Thanksgiving to start talking about Christmas blends.  But, the corporate machine won't hear of it.  Christmas must begin the week before Halloween in the world of retail commerce.

So, let's get this holiday party started!

This is the time of year when roasters, around the globe, trot out their best, brightest and boldest beans.

I won't compare last year's Christmas Blend to this year's Starbucks lot, because I honestly don't remember it.  I remember drinking it until about Valentine's Day (I hid a few bags), so I'm sure it was delicious.  And so is the 2013 batch.  

You don't have to believe me, the Starbucks stores are chock-full of holiday blends from those named "Christmas" to those named "Holiday Espresso" and "Christmas Blend Blonde." Check them out for yourself.

So, cheers to Christmas 2013.  It's coming - ready or not!!  

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