Sunday, November 17, 2013

"The Big Easy" Just Got Easier - Community Coffee New Orleans Blend(R) Single Serve Cup

I happen to like coffee with chicory.  Every now and then.  

Other people in my house may not care for it at all.

And that's only one of the advantages of single-serve.

The biggest advantage for me is that I can make a single cup of coffee, for little ole me, without getting input from anybody else about what particular blend they might want to drink.

Oh the woes of being a coffee loving family.

Anyway, I had, for the first time, today, the Community Coffee "New Orleans Blend" Single Serve Cup.  It's a medium-dark roast, but the chicory gives it a little extra "bite."

I must say, it's not bad for a single serve cup.  

I would suggest, if you like strong coffee, you use the 8 ounce cup setting.  I tried it this morning with the ten ounce cup and it didn't quite "kick start" my morning.  And, since, I'm the kind of gal who waits until Sunday nights on some weekends, to get in gear,  this is working out real nice while doing laundry.

Unfortunately, they don't sell Community Coffee at any of the stores in my part of the country.  Fortunately, I can order online at

They don't call it "The Big Easy" for nothing.

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