Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small Business Saturday - Support Your Local Coffee Roasters and Tea Artisans

Right after "Black Friday," comes "Small Business Saturday."  A time to support our local small businesses.  

I grew up in a family-owned grocery, so I know how hard the little guys have to work to make a living and compete against the big corporate machine.  It's not easy.  It involves long hours, few vacations, smaller profits and a lot of patience to deal with the general public.

I have nothing against big business and believe that there's room for everyone.  I think that many corporate coffee companies are very socially responsible.

But, just for today, consider going out of your way, if necessary, to purchase your coffee and tea from your neighborhood folks.  

Happy Small Business Saturday!

Featured:  Pure Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee from Catahoula Coffee Company.

8 ounces for 20.00 (a bargain)

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