Sunday, January 5, 2014

Game Day Snack - Coffee and Cheese - Think Outside the Pretzel

Apple Walnut, Habanero and Barely Buzzed

"Barely Buzzed" with hand rubbed with espresso and lavender

I don't know when I became a fan of football, but I think it was around the time I realized that the big screen belonged to sports only.  So, if you can't beat them - join them!

And your football snacks are not limited to the usual suspects (i.e. beer and pretzels).  

Here's my idea of the perfect pairing  - "Coffee and Cheese."

And this isn't just any old cheese.  It's Beehive Artisan Cheese.  I love the way they "fuse" flavors that I wouldn't even imagine.  

Take for example, their "Barely Buzzed" which is hand rubbed with espresso and lavender.  This time I ordered, I also purchased the Habanero and Apple Walnut.  Add an assortment of gourmet crackers and you've got yourself a party.

Game on!!

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