Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why Wait for a Chai Tea Latte-r? Tipu's "Chai Now" Chai Tea Latte Blend

Tipu's(R) Chai Now - Chai Tea Latte Blend

No time?  No problem.

The folks at Tipu's (R) Chai have developed a way for you to enjoy their delicious chai tea without heavy bottles or packaging.  

They sent me a package of the Chai Tea Latte Blend to try (it's actually pretty amazing).  

The texture reminds me of the old "Tang" orange drink mix you may have had as a kid.  Do they even make Tang anymore?  

Seriously, Tipu's has somehow managed to create the perfect blend of tea and spices with a foolproof method (I would recommend actually using a measured tablespoon) to create a delicious drink at home or at the office or anywhere, for that matter.

I'm sort of special this week because I was nice and shared with my co-workers.  The response was actually quite good.  Most chai lovers in the office liked it, and said they would definitely buy it.

Pros:  Easy to prepare

Cons:  Tends to leave crystals or "sediment" like powder at the bottom of the cup.  I think this could be lessened by playing with the balance of water to powder to make sure you get the right mixture.  Also, stirring while drinking helps.

Read Tipu's(R) Story at:

And, for a list of stores that carry Tipu's nationwide:

(Full Disclosure:  Tipu's sent me a free bag of their "Chai Now" for the purposes of preparing this review)

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