Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Four Dollar Cup of Coffee - Is It Worth It?

I don't believe a higher price necessarily means a better cup of coffee.  

However, I do respect fair trade, quality beans, micro-roasts and artisan products.

I wrote a few months ago that I refused to pay four bucks for a cup of coffee just because the shop is the newest thing on the block.  

I'm not talking about a four dollar latte or a four dollar mocha or double-shot espresso or cappuccino.  I'm talking about a four dollar cup of brewed coffee.  Or, in this particular case, "pour over" coffee.

But, this morning I wanted a little excitement.  So, when my co-worker (who has no problem dropping five bucks for a latte every day) invited me along, I decided to go for it.

The shop is, of course, another "hipster" place.  Which usually intimidates me.  However, for some reason, the experience today, wasn't intimidating at all.  In fact, it was downright welcoming.  The guy at the counter didn't even seem upset about having to answer questions about coffee origin, etc.  You know how sometimes they can make you feel downright silly for asking a question?  Truth is, half the time, I don't think they know the answers themselves.

Instead of just taking a coffee break, it was a coffee experience.  Watching the barista prepare the drinks was absolutely relaxing.  It wasn't particularly crowded and there wasn't that pushing, shoving, "you're in my space" kind of vibe that can sometimes go along with handcrafted coffee and hipster joints.

The final product was a delicious cup of Ethiopian coffee that put a smile on my face.

Would I go back and drop another four bucks (minimum) for the hand-crafted coffee bar, premium cup of eight ounce coffee?  Yes.  But it definitely won't be an every day thing.

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