Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sent from "Coffee Heaven" - Starbucks Casi Cielo is Back (But, Not For Long)!

I'm always excited when Starbucks breaks out the Casi.  Casi Cielo, that is.

There was an awful rumor stirring about six months ago, that they were going to discontinue it.

I'm glad it wasn't true.

This is one of the first gourmet coffees that I truly fell in love with.  Like a favorite cousin.  You're very happy when they come to visit, always enjoy your time, understand when they have to leave and look forward to their return.

It is so wonderful and satisfying with a rich flavor and chocolate undertones.  I, personally, think they should develop a truffle flavored with this stuff.

As with all good things, it will come to an end.  So, don't delay - get yours today!

Also available in K-Cup and Verismo pods.

I'll take mine freshly brewed in my automatic Capresso with one brown sugar cube and a tiny splash of low fat milk.

"Almost Heaven."

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