Sunday, January 12, 2014

Guatemala Santa Rosa Roast from 7-Eleven - For Those Who Don't Need a Label

I am so enjoying my "special delivery" from 7-Eleven.

Guatemala Santa Rosa Roast.  It's a limited offering from  7-Eleven.

I've said here more than once that I "cut my coffee teeth" on 7-Eleven coffee.  They've always brewed fresh, hot, delicious coffee without pretense.  And they sell some pretty decent donuts.  It's also convenient.

What you may not know is that they're offering gourmet coffee that can hold its own against the "designer labels."  This latest full-bodied roast is further proof.

If you're just catching the "third-wave" of coffee, unlike some of us who were drinking coffee before it was described in "waves," don't dismiss 7-Eleven.

It's not about the label.  We coffee lovers have one common goal.  Discovering and enjoying great coffee.

Thank you 7-Eleven.  You've made me a happy coffee camper this Sunday morning.

(The Guatemala Santa Rosa Roast is available now through February at participating 7-Eleven stores nationwide)

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