Monday, January 20, 2014

Ooo-La-La Oolong Peach Tea from Infuze Tea Company

Last night, I wound up the day with a  cup of tea, rather than my usual mug of coffee.

My selection - Oolong Peach from Infuze Tea Company.

The minute you open the pouch, the aroma of fresh peaches hits you.  This is not a subtle taste, but a full-on cup of peaches.  I enjoyed mine hot.  If you're like me, you can appreciate a flavored tea that really brings the flavor.  It's not over-powering, but it's definitely there.

Next time I'm going to drink it cold, over ice for a more "Southern experience."

I also think there are some neat recipes you could create with this high-quality tea (I'm thinking cookies).

About Infuze Tea and Teaware

(Disclosure:  Infuze provided me with a sample of the Peach Oolong for the purposes of preparing this review)

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